2013 “A-Ha!” Summit Speakers/Agenda

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford


This year’s Speakers and Panelists include an array of savvy professionals whose companies have collectively served hundreds of thousands of businesses and organizations worldwide. Some are fan favorites from previous years, others are rock stars in their fields, and still others are literally changing the way business gets done in their industry. What do they all have in common?

They are PASSIONATE. They are REBELS. They SEE THE WORLD DIFFERENTLY. Most importantly, they want to share what they know with YOU, so you can work smarter, faster, more effectively, and more confidently.

Confirmed presenters at the 2013 “A-Ha!” Summit include (in alphabetical order):


Steve Boucher (@SNHUOnCampus), Senior Director of Marketing and Communications for Southern New Hampshire University (Fast Company Magazine’s 2012 #1 pick for Most Innovative Education Company in the World). As the former Communications and Legislative Director of the NH Division of Economic Development, an award-winning blogger, and the host of the weekly Granite Get Up & Go arts and entertainment segment on WTPL, Steve claims to be the “most sarcastic man alive…so far.”

PRESENTATION: Why the Colonel Cries: Living Up to Your Customer Service Promise


Ryan O’Hara (@Ryohara), is an unorthodox member of the business development, marketing and promotions team at Dyn, Inc., the DNS and email delivery gurus that serve millions of clients including Twitter, Tumblr, Etsy, StumbleUpon, Netflix, Pandora, and Zappos. Ryan is also a passionate speaker, filmmaker, musician, and community rabble-rouser. What’s more, he’s positively infectious with his insights and sheer excitement when it comes to technology, creativity, and being bold and unforgettable in the Digital Age.

PRESENTATION: The Art of the Digital First Impression


Corissa St. Laurent (@CorissaCTCT), is the New England Regional Development Director for Constant Contact. More than just an email marketing force, Constant Contact also offers event management, online surveys, social campaigns and more to half a million businesses and organizations worldwide. Corissa leads a team of expert speakers who conduct online marketing seminars and workshops throughout the region. Helping others learn while inspiring change and transformation drive her work and many of her creative pursuits.

PRESENTATION: Engagement Marketing: The Unmarketing Advantage


Kevin Skarritt (@Skarritt), is a serial entrepreneur, online branding expert and is the go-to creative force for relationship marketing expert and bestselling author Mari Smith’s product launch designs. Kevin is also the Co-founder and Communications Director for Michigan CHI, the Michigan Computer-Human Interaction Association, Member of Interactive Design Association of Lansing and a Member of Usability Professionals Association … AND he also makes some of the best, most beautiful hand-rolled sushi imaginable.

PRESENTATION: Rebooting Your Website for Today’s Social-savvy, Mobile-maximized, Search-tastic World


Lane Sutton (@LaneSutton), is a young entrepreneur, social media coach, digital native and sixteen years old. Lane has been on social networks for the past four years and speaking ever since. He has been featured in CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Forbes.com, The Week magazine, Mashable, Adweek, and other outlets. He started out in the web world with KidCriticUSA.com at just 11 years old posting reviews by a kid, for kids and families. Lane’s obvious talent is being a grownup in a teen body and being an Apple fanboy.

PRESENTATION: Inbound Marketing for the Digital Age


Allen Voivod (@AllenVoivod), Plan Man and Ally in Possibility at Epiphanies, Inc., is also the co-founder of the “A-Ha!” Summits. His approach to social business mixes equal parts data and inspiration for clients and audiences worldwide. He draws from deep wells of useful advice, strategy, and how-tos about the major digital marketing platforms of our time to create memorable and practical workshops and presentations. And if a mascot or other animal-costumed person gets close enough, he’s bound to insist upon being photographed with it.

PRESENTATION: The Unmeasurable: How to Catapult Your Business With Serendipity, Synchronicity, and Epiphanies


Lani Voivod (@LaniVoivod), Chief Chick and Ally in Possibility at Epiphanies, Inc. and co-founder of the “A-Ha!” Summits. Lani is a mom, social storyteller, quantum catalyst, and champion of the almighty “A-Ha!” A passionate speaker and energetic spirit, she’s been featured on Forbes.com and FoxBusiness.com, and in Business NH Magazine and NH Business Review. Lani is wildly imperfect at – yet fiercely committed to – yoga, mediation, travel, and finding folks who share her love for side-splitting, snort-ripping laughter.

PRESENTATION: Become Invincible, Immortal, and Unforgettable With the 7 Portals of Possibility


Panel Discussions

This year, the Summit features two Panels you’re gonna love.

Morning: “Get Off Your Butt and Start Making Videos!” Panel

Fun, informative, myth dispelling, and action-oriented, this panel features (clockwise from top left) Lou Bortone (@LouBortone), Jeremy Mayhew (@earlstudios), and Dan Freund (@myfrienddan).
Lou Bortone is a Video Marketing expert and online branding consultant who helps entrepreneurs and service professionals build breakthrough brands on the Internet, so they can have more visibility, credibility and profitability. Lou is a former television executive who worked for E! Entertainment Television and Fox in Los Angeles. He is also an author and ghostwriter of six business books, a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach and a Book Yourself Solid Certified Coach.
Jeremy Earl Mayhew is Founder & President of Earl Studios, a video production and food photography studio with clients such as Stonyfield Yogurt, SNHU, and The Food Network. A Star Wars nerd and film geek since the age of 6, Jeremy started back when you edited films by hooking two VCRs up together, and now utilizes some of the leading edge editing and special effects software in the industry. A passionate filmmaker and earl adapter of HD DSLR filmmaking, Jeremy believes that shooting at f1.4 can pretty much fix anything.
Dan Freund is a Video Content Strategist at PixelMEDIA (named Best Small Company to Work For by Business NH Magazine, 2012). Dan is a digital creative and a geek for all things video & social on the web. He proudly boasts that he can turn just about any social situation into content.

Afternoon: Possibility Panel

This popular panel returns for the 2013 Summit! All the Speakers and Panelists get together on stage to answer YOUR questions. You name it, you fire it out, and you’ll have access to 10 passionate professionals with the answers you need.

The “A-Ha!” Summit Halftime Show

Jim Tyrrell (@JimTyrrell), singer, songwriter, and hooligan, has been a working musician for over 20 years. He has released 3 CDs plus has a 4th in production, and is writing (and touring) constantly. He can be found in bars, restaurants, private parties, corporate functions, and occasionally at home. For the “A-Ha!” Summit Halftime Show, he has something extra special planned, that we can only hint at with two words: Song Fight!

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